Would YOU Drink Wine Out of a Tumbler?

December 16, 2009 at 12:10 am (Uncategorized)

photo by Flickr user jenny downing

Matt Kramer, long-time contributing editor of Wine Spectator and renowned wine critic, has a new web column. In Drinking Out Loud, of course devoted to wine, Kramer’s opinion-peppered articles are full of searing commentary. He’s an exceptional story-teller and uses his personal experiences as a jumping off point for sharing his deep insights about wine culture. And he isn’t shy about it!

In his second and most recent installment –  “All Right, It’s Elitist. So What?”  – Kramer poses the question, “Is deliberately serving wine in inadequate glassware any less pretentious than demanding the right stem?”.  The question may seem dull at first glance, but how he arrives at the answer is far from it. He blatantly calls out a Napa Valley restaurant and chef, blasting the establishment (and an unsuspecting waiter) for committing his idea of a cardinal sin in the world of wine.  Would you drink wine out of a tumbler? Probably not after reading this column. If you want to know which Napa Valley restaurant is now in the hot seat, and exactly how Kramer let ’em have it, read the column here.

This snippet makes his argument clear,  but you’ll have to read the juicy bits for youself:

“And we need wines that are served co-equally: well-chosen, decently priced and presented to us in glasses that allow the wine to shine, that signal a respect for the effort that went into creating such wines and that, not least, allow us to effortlessly enjoy the wine.”  Well said!


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