Crush of the Week: Yellow + Blue = Green

April 21, 2009 at 10:10 pm (Crush of the Week, Malbec Reviews) (, , )


This week we’re crushing on the 2007 Malbec from upstart Yellow + Blue.  A lot of the buzz around Yellow + Blue from Vinas De Alto Salvador focuses on its green packaging. Hey, it’s why we picked it for the Earth day review. The Tetra Pak claims to cut a wine’s carbon footprint in half. I like that.

Matthew Cain, who worked for many years with the famous importer Kermit Lynch, set out to make an environmentally conscientious wine. He found organically grown Malbec grapes in Argentina and decided to forgo a glass bottle and instead use a paper container. In other countries, he noted, “people are using alternative packaging to bring down the cost of wine. It’s not just for poor wine but for good wine. Here in the US, it’s only been used as a gimmick.” He added about his wine, “I’ve been in the fine wine trade my entire life and I have no interest in bad wine.”

So, Ok, it looks like the juice boxes your mom always packed in your lunch. All that aside, we think it’s really tasty.  We enjoyed the well-balanced tannins and the complex aromas of berries, plum, orange rind, spice and leather without feeling overwhelmed by fruit.  Made from 100% certified organic grapes, hand-harvested and cold-fermented with indigenous yeasts, tank aged (no oak), Yellow + Blue is off to a great start in both taste and responsible packaging.  I look forward to more from this winery.

While boxed wines still struggle with image issues, the green media has been giving them lot of love lately and for good reason. Here are some compelling facts:

– A full one-liter Tetra Pak is 95% wine and 5% packaging. A full wine bottle is 55% wine and 45% packaging.
– For the containers that don’t make it to the recycling bin, you can drink and discard thirty Tetra Paks before you take up the same space as one glass bottle in the landfill.
– If 80% of retail wine sold in the U.S. was changed from glass to Tetra, it would be the equivalent of taking almost 400,000 cars off of the road.
– You get a whole liter, 33.3% more wine then a standard wine bottle.

Go here for a great article by Dr. Vino detailing the shipping process and carbon footprint of Yellow + Blue.

Go here to find this tasty little wine for a fantastic price.

And have a great earth day. Cheers!


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