Malbec the New Merlot?

April 20, 2009 at 11:02 pm (For the Love of Wine)

Could it be true? People are talking.

Take a look:

On one hand, I hope that all the buzz is true. I’ve never really been a fan of the sweet fruit forward aspects of Merlot and prefer the earthy tannins of Malbec.  On the other, I’d hate to see Malbec’s fall prey to it’s own popularity where big wineries flood the market with mass produced clone wines offering no soul.  I’m not too worried; there are a lot if great makers putting out some great wines. will continue to review out favorites.  Later this week: Yellow and Blue 2007 Malbec.


  1. Pablo said,

    I also hope winemakers and wineries in Argentina will learn from Merlot’s mistakes and keep to the truthfulness of Malbec to Argentina’s terroir. Malbec has a chance to solidify a solid position in the wine industry with differentiating itself to the true characteristic that no other place, like Argentina, can give it.


    Pablo Lastorta

  2. staenman said,

    Agreed. it would be a shame to see Argentine Malbecs become diluted by mass produced corporate wines. i do think the vintners value the land and are generally on the right path, producing a lot of unique special wines. i don’t come across too many Argentine Malbecs that I dislike.

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